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Become A Member Of The Dog Training Club!

Join the leading dog owner community and unlock a world of benefits with The Dog Training Club. As a member, you'll gain access to our exclusive online community groups, where you can connect with fellow dog enthusiasts, share experiences, and receive support.

Our member email newsletter keeps you up-to-date with the latest training tips, events, and special offers. Enjoy full access to our Members Zone, where you can register your dogs, claim awards, and enter member-only leagues and competitions. Dive into our extensive video library for expert training advice and techniques.


Additionally, membership also includes access to our free mobile app, members only zoom sessions and advice helpline, making it easy to stay connected and engaged on the go.

As a member register for and attend our in person dog training classes, dog events, dog shows and members social events. 

By joining The Dog Training Club, you also receive membership of a local dog club listed with us. Most importantly, your membership supports the fantastic work of our charitable trust, The Central Bedfordshire Canine Trust.

Become a part of The Dog Training Club pack today and transform your dog's life while joining a community of passionate dog owners!

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For insurance purposes anyone attending our training classes or events
must be a member.

Unlock Exclusive Benefits with The Dog Training Club – Join Today for Just £25 a Year!

Transform your dog's life and become part of the leading dog owner community with our incredible membership package. Enjoy a wealth of benefits, including:

  • Membership Card with Emergency Dog Details: Keep essential information handy for peace of mind.

  • Free Membership Badge and Exclusive Merch: Show off your membership with special member-only badge and items.

  • Online Community Access: Connect with fellow dog owners in exclusive online groups and benefit from our member email newsletter and free eBooks.

  • Members Zone: Register your dogs, claim awards, enter exclusive leagues and competitions, and explore our extensive video library.

  • Free Mobile App Access: Stay connected and access all member features on the go.

  • Dog Helpline: Get expert training advice via phone, email, or in-app chat.

  • Zoom Group Chats: Participate in online group chats and advice sessions with qualified instructors.


  • In-Person Training and Events: Register for training classes and social events in your area.

  • Local Dog Club Membership: Enjoy membership to a local dog club of your choice.

  • Online Memorial Garden: Honour and remember dogs who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

  • Support a Good Cause: Your membership helps fund The Central Bedfordshire Canine Trust, with profits donated to support their charitable work.

  • Annual Awards and Charitable Nominations: Be eligible for annual awards, nominate charities for grants, and stand for election.

Don’t miss out – join The Dog Training Club today for just £25 per year and start enjoying these fantastic benefits!

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Terms And Conditions

  • Membership Scope: Membership is granted per person named on the membership card and is valid for one member login only. Each membership is non-transferable.

  • Feature Availability: Some features and benefits are currently in development and will be made available to members when they go live. We will notify members of any updates and new features as they become accessible.

  • Local Dog Club or Breed Club Membership: Membership includes membership to a local dog club and a breed club of your choice from those listed in our directory. Members are permitted to nominate one local dog club OR one breed club per year.

  • Training Classes and Events: Members must register in advance to attend any training classes and events; simply turning up without a reservation is not permitted. All training classes and events are subject to availability, and early booking online is recommended. Please note that places on training classes and events are not guaranteed as part of the membership, incur additional costs.

  • Printed Materials: Digital certificates are included in membership but optional printed dog registration and award certificates are available for an additional charge.

  • Membership Renewal: We will take your first years membership payment. We will send you a renewal email 30 days before renewal is due, and you will be able to make a renewal payment. We will not automatically take annual payments. 

  • By continuing with your membership, you agree to these terms and conditions. For any questions or further information, please contact us.

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The Dog Training Club Membership



1st Years Membership - Transform your dog's life and become part of the leading dog owner community with our incredible membership package. Enjoy a wealth of benefits.

Valid until canceled

Membership Card with Emergency Dog Details

Free Membership Badge

Online Community Access

Members Zone & Mobile App Access

Dog Helpline

Zoom Group Chats

In-Person Training and Events

Local Dog Club Membership

Online Memorial Garden

Annual Awards and Charitable Nominations


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