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Gary Gregory

Chief Executive - The Dog Training Club

President - Central Bedfordshire Canine Trust


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The Dog Training Club Journey

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The Dog Training Club

Gary grew up in a small village near Dunstable, Bedfordshire. He grew up the son of a dog breeder and at an early age himself showed, trained and competed with his dogs. Gary originally qualified as a Canine Hydrotherapist, and then studied Veterinary Pharmacy. After working for a veterinary medicines company he had a successful career as an Infection Control Consultant in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. He then worked in the education sector in a secondary school.

After suffering a blood clot on the lung and a total of over 10 other blood clots, Gary transformed his life, loosing weight, getting fit and turning vegan. He retrained as a qualified Personal Trainer, Life Coach, Nutrition Coach and Sports Therapist and set up his successful businesses The Fitness And Nutrition Coach and a sports massage and injury clinic.

For over 20 years, Gary has served as a trustee for a dog charity as well as for many canine societies and organisations. He qualified as a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor and in 2024 was elected a Member of The Royal Kennel Club. After a meeting with his local dog club, Gary realised the gap in technology and approach between traditional dog training clubs and the digital world. Having learnt from the success of his online coaching business, Gary founded The Dog Training Club online platform.


Hi, I’m Gary!

Chief Executive & Kennel Club Accredited Instructor

I cherish dogs and have been deeply involved in their world for as long as I can remember, being the son of a dog breeder. Now a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor, my engagement with dogs encompasses various roles, both as a pastime and a vocation.


Initially, I qualified and practised as a Canine Hydrotherapist before pursuing studies in Veterinary Pharmacy. Over the years, I've competed, trained, coached and judged dogs in Ring Craft, Obedience, Flyball and Agility, served as a trustee for a dog charity for over 20 years, and held the role of Head Of Canine Sports Science (lecturer and instructor) for the CBCT Big Lottery Funded Agility and Flyball Projects. Furthermore, I've taught courses in animal welfare and dog training in adult education and I served as an Assistant Group Steward for the Crufts Dog Show for 10 years.

Upon retraining and establishing The Fitness And Nutrition Coach, I recognised the profound bond people share with their canine companions was as strong as ever but may traditional dog training clubs struggled with the technology and time to provide online resources and options. I decided to merge my expertise in dogs and all I had put into practice creating the technology for The Fitness And Nutrition Coach as a leading online coaching platform and human health, thus founding The Dog Training Club.

I am proud that we have now assisted thousands of people and their dogs worldwide in leading fitter, happier, and healthier lives whilst supporting local dog clubs and societies.

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To enquire about press, media or partnerships please contact The Dog Training Club head office.



Media & Partnerships Office: 0333 335 6407

We'll always do our best to respond promptly.


Registered Office: 5 Cowslip Close, Whittlesey, Peterborough, PE7 2FL

Company Information

The Dog Training Club Limited is a company registered in England & Wales,

with company number: 15802793 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eidas Holdings.


Central Bedfordshire Canine Trust is a charity registered in England & Wales,

with charity registration number: 1124683

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